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Bendigo, Victoria, Australia


Tree: Lois Willis

City/Town : Latitude: -36.7584916666667, Longitude: 144.280075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abson, John Percival Cawthorn  1867Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1570
2 Baker, Arthur Mulder  1906Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3606
3 Briggs, Sydney  Abt 1881Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2104
4 Briggs, Thomas Keith  1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2265
5 Briggs, Violet Doreen  1900Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2278
6 Burgess, Gwendoline "Gwen"  1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2250
7 Burgess, Kelvin Sampson  1911Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2251
8 Burgess, Noel Hughes  1917Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2254
9 Burgess, Wanda  1914Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2252
10 Cooper, Alan James  Abt 1935Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5051
11 Crowe, Robert Keith  29 Dec 1936Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1135
12 Cumming, Violet  1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4042
13 Davies, Evelyn Victoria  1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1877
14 Davies, Evelyn Victoria  1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5042
15 Duncan, Beatrice Made  1883Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I11293
16 Duncan, May  1892Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I11314
17 Ellis, Gwladys Sylvia  22 Apr 1906Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3859
18 Golding, Fay Lynette  1 Dec 1936Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3060
19 Harry, Norman Marshall  7 Feb 1907Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2115
20 Hibberd, Iris Lilian  1914Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3756
21 Howie, Thomas  1909Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2328
22 Howie, William John  1911Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2329
23 Jensen, Donald James Albert  Abt 1949Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5358
24 Ladd, Alice May  1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5320
25 Ladd, George Charles  1906Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5319
26 Leech, Violet May  1905Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4738
27 Leech, Violet May  1905Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3143
28 MacNaughton, Keith Alexander Michael  1907Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5234
29 Macnaughton, Keith Alexander Michael  25 Jul 1907Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1133
30 Marshall, Albert George  1909Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3103
31 Marshall, Jean Kath  1910Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3104
32 McCready, Margaret Hudson  1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1520
33 McCready, Margaret Hudson  19 Mar 1898Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4318
34 McKean, Phillip Henry  1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4769
35 McKean, Phillip Henry  7 May 1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3112
36 McKee, Aenid Lorraine  Abt 1931Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5685
37 Miles, Alice Mary Isabel  12 Jul 1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1873
38 Miles, Alice May Isabel  1908Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5047
39 Morgan, Joseph Redvers  1900Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2612
40 Nankervis, Georgena Elizabeth  1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5345
41 Nankervis, Georgina Elizabeth  20 May 1902Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1611
42 Nichols, Frederick Willis  1894Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3884
43 Pain, Leslie Charles "Les"  19 Jun 1923Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1157
44 Prentice, George Martin  Abt 1903Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4733
45 Rawlings, Lois Beryl  1903Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5185
46 Rawlings, Lois Beryl  17 Aug 1903Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1461
47 Streader, Lois Beryl  1909Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5235
48 Wainwright, Freda  1901Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2783
49 Wainwright, Freda  1901Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2223
50 Wainwright, Laurence Tempteton  1894Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2782

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Briggs, Thomas Keith  1903Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2265
2 Casey, Kenneth  25 May 2008Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I108
3 Casey, Kenneth  25 May 2008Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I363
4 Casey, Shirley Patricia  2 Oct 2013Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I14
5 Collinson, Dorothy Lorraine  1943Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4740
6 Collinson, Dorothy Lorraine  1943Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3185
7 Cooper, Alan James  1941Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5051
8 Cooper, Alan James  Bef 29 May 1941Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5152
9 Cooper, Charles Edward  1981Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5048
10 Cooper, Charles Edward  Bef 13 Apr 1981Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5149
11 Cooper, John David  1973Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5151
12 Cooper, John David  13 Aug 1973Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5050
13 Davies, Evelyn Victoria  1978Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1877
14 Davies, Evelyn Victoria  11 Sep 1978Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5042
15 Derby, Florence Irene  1978Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2512
16 Derby, Jack Douglas  1980Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2511
17 Derby, John Samuel  22 Mar 1959Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2505
18 Derby, Reuben Watson  1974Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2508
19 Edwards, Thomas  1 Oct 1947Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2644
20 Edwards, William  1955Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2803
21 Hansen, Johanna  1 Jul 1967Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I211
22 Hansen, Johanna  1 Jul 1967Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1318
23 Hansen, Peter  6 Apr 1947Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I213
24 Hansen, Peter  7 Apr 1947Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1320
25 Jensen, Albert Edward  24 May 1990Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1608
26 Jensen, John Tobias  10 Aug 1986Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I329
27 Jensen, John Tobias  10 Aug 1986Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5340
28 Kane, Hugh  1926Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2309
29 Kirkham, Leigh Adam  28 Sep 1999Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1376
30 Latimer, Frederick  1926Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I163
31 Latimer, Frederick  23 Jul 1926Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1656
32 Leech, Violet May  1980Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4738
33 Leech, Violet May  23 Mar 1980Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3143
34 Lewis, Elizabeth Jane  21 Aug 1960Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2509
35 Lindsay, Jessie  9 Aug 1899Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I557
36 McDougall, George James  1929Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4365
37 McKean, Phillip Henry  14 Jul 1991Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I3112
38 McKean, Phillip Henry  14 Jul 1991Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I4769
39 McKean, Victor Ronald  15 Oct 1923Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1136
40 McKean, Victor Ronald  15 Oct 1923Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5222
41 McWhinney, Euphemia Janet Rubenia  30 Nov 1952Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2499
42 Meighan, Margaret  Dec 1903Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I11565
43 Miles, Alfred Francis Truscott  20 Nov 1997Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5073
44 Miles, Alice May Isabel  2 Jan 1990Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5047
45 Mundy, Margaret Isabel  31 May 1974Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1423
46 Mundy, Margaret Isobel  31 May 1974Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I2218
47 Nunn, Allen  1984Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1719
48 Nunn, James  1971Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1717
49 Rawlings, Lois Beryl  30 Aug 1975Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1461
50 Rawlings, Lois Beryl  30 Aug 1975Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I5185

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Alt. Birth

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Birth    Person ID 
1 Pain, Leslie Charles "Les"  19 Jun 1922Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1157
2 Wilshusen, George Alexander  30 Oct 1893Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I543

Alt. Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Alt. Death    Person ID 
1 Willis, Catherine Alice "Alice"  6 May 1947Bendigo, Victoria, Australia I1325


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Briggs / Jackson  1884Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F3247
2 Miles / Wicker  30 Oct 1960Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F1939
3 Russell / Crook  13 Nov 1878Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F69
4 Truscott / Willis  1879Bendigo, Victoria, Australia F1799

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